Red Team Operation

Unleash the Value of Red Teaming

Experience custom attack scenarios, understand the effectiveness of your defensive controls, and enhance your security team’s capabilities. It’s what we do and we’re good at it.

20/20 Hindsight Won’t Save You

Defense doesn’t work retroactively. InvokeSec adapts to each organization and environment with APT-level persistence and stealth to maximize value in every assessment. By understanding your challenges, needs, and objectives, we collaborate with you to design a red team engagement tailored to your organization. We provide a flexible, modular approach based on real-world threats facing your specific organization, moving away from the one-size-fits-all model.

Unrestricted Testing for Unrestricted Attackers

Zero Knowledge, Zero Access

Our Red Team Operation conducts covert, meticulously planned attacks to rigorously test your defenses, gauging the effectiveness of your security team and their capacity to thwart attackers before sensitive systems and data are jeopardized.

Best and Brightest

The InvokeSec team includes the brightest minds in offensive security with decades of proven experience successfully breaking through even the most hardened defenses.

Cutting-edge Offensive Security Tools

Our team employs a powerful array of tools, including open-source and privately developed security solutions, to realistically simulate highly skilled threat actors and assess your defenses.

Adherence to the Highest Industry Standards

We incorporate a blend of industry best practices and proprietary methodologies that surpass the most rigorous frameworks and regulatory requirements.

Actionable Results, Actionable Guidance

Illustrative Attack Mapping

We conduct thorough attack path mapping to chart potential avenues of attack, including analysis of architecture, vulnerable systems, and data at risk.

CVSS and Real-world Risk Scoring

We evaluate the potential impact of defensive gaps using a proprietary scoring method based on real-world observations and industry-standard methodologies such as OWASP and CVSS.

Attack Timeline and Execution Path Analysis

We provide an overview of the events’ timeline with a detailed breakdown of actions performed, defensive performance, and target objectives achieved.

In-Depth Findings Presentation and Reporting

We conduct a comprehensive walkthrough of findings, accompanied by a live Q&A session, ensuring all team members and executives grasp the technical findings, risks, and recommendations. We’re not done until you’re satisfied.

What You Can Expect

Customize Testing for Your Most Feared Scenarios

Skilled Attacker's Perspective

Persistent adversaries are determined and stealthy in their operations. Gain a real-world insight into how targeted attackers gather intelligence on your environment and exploit it to their advantage.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Security Measures

Unparalleled Insights

See firsthand how highly skilled adversaries target vulnerabilities, execute attacks, and access sensitive data that circumvents even your most robust security controls.

From the Eyes of an Adversary

Identify Critical Blind Spots Before Attackers

Proactively discover vulnerable entry points, insufficient security controls, and privilege escalation pathways that could jeopardize your most valuable assets.

Uncover Weaknesses Overlooked by Automated Tools

Evaluate Your Defenses Against the Most Pertinent Threats

Assess your protection against the worst-case scenarios and most feared attack techniques with ultimate flexibility in the design of your engagement.

Unmatched Penetration Testing Expertise

Assess Your Detection and Response Abilities

A determined attacker will eventually succeed. Gauge your security team’s capability to recognize and counteract attacks meticulously designed to evade their detection.

Powered by CourseOps

Continuous Education

Prevent simulations from becoming reality. The CourseOps platform educates defensive teams, so they stay ahead of the latest attacks. Focus on prescriptive recommendations that present the highest risk to your organization.

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