Application Security

More than a Penetration Test

InvokeSec provides a full range of application security testing services, from application design processes to in-depth source code analysis. Our expertise enables you to create more secure applications, ensure compliance, and elevate your DevSecOps practices.

Protect Your Stack Before Adversaries Attack

Application Penetration Test

Strengthens your applications against the most advanced contemporary threats, leveraging years of application security expertise to reveal a comprehensive range of vulnerabilities. This includes detecting subtle and easily missed exposures that automated methods and less experienced assessors are unable to identify.

Mobile Application Penetration Test

A comprehensive manual and dynamic examination of mobile applications adhering to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide and OWASP Mobile Application Verification Standard methodologies. Utilizing the same tools and techniques as actual attackers, along with our own, we will evaluate your mobile application for a wide range of vulnerabilities and risks.

Secure Code Review

Blends state-of-the-art automation with thorough manual examination to proactively eradicate code-based vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. Our specialists are proficient in a wide array of programming languages and best practices for employing commercial and custom tools, positioning us uniquely to detect code-based issues across a diverse range of applications.

What You Can Expect

Beyond Traditional Testing

Beyond Traditional Testing

Our application testing procedures delve into a broader spectrum of exposures, identifying emerging vulnerabilities, deep code reviews, and business logic flaws that other service providers in the market might miss.

Assess Your Applications Against Real-World Threats

Assess Your Applications Against Real-World Threats

Our expert application testers possess the skills and training necessary to emulate the mindset of an attacker. When we assess your applications, you can be confident that we employ the same tactics and techniques as real-world adversaries, ensuring exposures are genuinely exploitable.

Enhance the Security of Your Applications and Data

Enhance the Security of Your Applications and Data

Our application testing process identifies business logic flaws, workflow circumventions, and insecure code, empowering developers to proactively address critical issues throughout the software development life cycle.

Discover Application Flaws and Receive Actionable Remediation Recommendations

Discover Application Flaws and Gain Actionable Remediations

Our testers ensure your security team comprehends the intricacies of our testing procedures and results. With our clear and targeted recommendations, we expedite the remediation process and secure your applications more effectively.

Exceed Evolving Regulatory and Third-Party Demands

Exceed Evolving Regulatory and Third-Party Demands

We go beyond merely satisfying compliance requirements. Our methodologies surpass even the strictest standards, offering customized reporting tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes for your organization’s security and compliance.

Manual - Automated_1

Manual > Automated

While automated testing is great for identifying low hanging fruit, there is no substitute for human creativity. Detecting business logic and privilege escalation vulnerabilities that are commonly overlooked demands problem-solving skills and ingenuity that only manual review can provide.

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