Secure Code Review

Rely on Our Experts to Analyze Your Code

InvokeSec’s Secure Code Review blends state-of-the-art automation with thorough manual examination to proactively eradicate code-based vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

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Supercharge Your SDLC

InvokeSec’s Secure Code Review bests the constraints of automated solutions and manual evaluations. By merging top-tier application scanning technology with extensive domain knowledge, we implement a hybrid approach that delivers a more comprehensive analysis of the code, addressing the intricate challenges of creating secure applications without hindering scale or pace.

Our specialists are proficient in a wide array of programming languages and best practices for employing commercial and custom tools, positioning us uniquely to detect code-based issues across a diverse range of applications. We thoroughly investigate everything from technical flaws to business logic errors, covering the complete gamut of vulnerabilities targeted by real-world adversaries.

We equip your team with practical findings and supply thorough reporting and in-depth walkthroughs, enabling you to prioritize the resolution of high-severity problems while fostering proactive adjustments to reduce bugs in future development cycles.

Educate to Remediate

Educating developers is critical to reducing vulnerabilities and staying ahead of attackers in the long term. Developers who are well-versed in secure coding practices can create applications that are less susceptible to cyberattacks and can quickly identify and address any potential security issues. This proactive approach saves significant time and money by reducing costly remediation efforts and damage control in the event of a security breach. Investing in developer education creates a culture of security awareness that helps ensure the long-term security of their applications and protects their customers’ data from threats posed by malicious actors. InvokeSec’s CourseOps platform is the delivery mechanism to connect developers, secure coding, and real-world threats.

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What You Can Expect

No Line Untouched

No Line Left Untouched

Reveal the full scope of security-related elements through a comprehensive analysis of your application’s infrastructure, frameworks, and languages.

From the Eyes of an Adversary_1

From the Eyes of an Adversary

Assess how a focused attacker would identify common vulnerabilities and often overlooked security issues concealed within essential functionality.

Assess Your Applications Against Real-World Threats

Identify Vulnerabilities Specifically Targeted by Real-world Adversaries

Spot vulnerable code patterns and design or implementation errors that could leave your applications susceptible in post-production environments.

Your Prod is Our Dev

Your Prod is Our Dev

Remove remediation uncertainty with practical guidance that identifies changes down to the precise module and line of code.

Avoid Out of Band Repairs and Downtime

Avoid Out of Band Repairs and Downtime

Reduce the possibility of disruptions and time spent identifying, resolving, and debugging vulnerabilities in later development phases.

Enhance Secure SDLC

Enhance Secure SDLC

Don’t commit the same errors repeatedly by adopting secure coding guidance that changes the mindset of development teams.

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