Application Penetration Test

Reduce Application Risk and Improve Security

InvokeSec’s Application Penetration Testing strengthens your applications against the most advanced contemporary threats, leveraging years of application security expertise to reveal a comprehensive range of vulnerabilities. This includes detecting subtle and easily missed exposures that automated methods and less experienced assessors are unable to identify.

Not All Assessments are Created Equal

Fueled by customer needs and the constant race against competitors, DevOps faces the challenge of delivering applications at unprecedented speeds. InvokeSec excels in assisting security and DevOps teams to tackle hazardous exposures before they’re exploited by attackers.

Our process begins with a comprehensive mapping of the attack surface, examining every facet of the application, including entry point analysis, and deconstruction of architecture, configurations, languages, operations, and documented procedures. The InvokeSec team of experts is skilled in targeting specific application types and programming languages. We employ our custom hacking tools in a combination of automated and manual review techniques, surpassing the bare minimum testing of OWASP Top 10 to reveal the complete array of issues that attackers focus on in real-world attack situations.

We sift through the clutter of automated scan outcomes and generic suggestions, allowing security teams to concentrate on crucial details. Equipping your security team with specific remediation measures, all procedures are ranked based on exploitation likelihood and potential business impact. This vital information enables security and DevOps teams to efficiently execute tactical and strategic mitigations without affecting the agility and pace of software development.

Protect Your Stack Before Adversaries Attack

Related Attack Insights

Outlines the assessor’s attack routes, including comprehensive explanations of strategies, methods, and procedures employed to achieve initial access, navigate interconnected components, and breach sensitive systems and data.

Exploit Risk Analysis

Evaluates the probability of identified exposures being exploited by an attacker, considering factors such as threat-source motives, vulnerability characteristics, and the effectiveness of protective measures.

Real-world Exploit Impact

Illustrates the potential consequences that security deficiencies may have on your organization, delving further than conventional vulnerability assessments, by categorizing findings as informational, low, medium, high, or critical.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis

Describes the engagement procedure, discoveries, and suggestions in alignment with business and operational goals, presenting reports customized for both executive and technical audiences.

What You Can Expect

Dynamic Application Coverage

Dynamic Application Coverage

We utilize insights from thousands of offensive application assessments, allowing for evaluations across a variety of applications and technologies, including web, thick-client, e-commerce, single-page applications, APIs, and more.

Diverse Language Coverage

Diverse Language Coverage

InvokeSec Incorporates the collective expertise of industry best professionals proficient in programming languages like Python, C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, GO, Swift, PHP, Rust, Objective C, and others.

Flexible Delivery Methods

Flexible Delivery Models

We adjust the rhythm of your testing cadence requirements from a single point in time to ongoing, to accommodate the pace and scope of your application development requirements.

Your Prod is Our Dev

Your Prod is Our Dev

By detecting and addressing potential problems earlier in the software development lifecycle, InvokeSec helps you maintain control of your data from adversaries who hold the strike first advantage.

Manual - Automated

Manual > Automated

While automated testing is great for identifying low hanging fruit, there is no substitute for human creativity. Detecting business logic and privilege escalation vulnerabilities that are commonly overlooked demands problem-solving skills and ingenuity that only manual review can provide.

Expert Instructors and Support

Expert Consultants and Support

The CourseOps platform does more than provide remediation guidance. Our team of experts has compiled an entire library of detailed learning modules to help you get ahead of real-world attacker techniques and stay there.

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