Mobile Application Penetration Test

Real-world Testing = Improved Defense

A Mobile Application Penetration Test offers comprehensive manual (static) and dynamic (run-time) examinations of Android and iOS devices and applications, regardless of source code availability, adhering to the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) and OWASP Mobile Application Verification Standard (MASVS) methodologies. Utilizing the same tools and techniques as actual attackers, along with our own, we will evaluate your mobile application for a wide range of vulnerabilities and risks.

When performing a Mobile Application Penetration Test, we will use the provided source code to verify and pinpoint vulnerabilities. If the source code is unavailable, the InvokeSec team will reverse engineer the application’s binary to partially reconstruct its source code and identify potential security weaknesses.

Improved Mobile Application Security

More than a Pen Test

Our approach employs both binary and device-level scrutiny to identify vague and obscure vulnerabilities, delving much deeper than a standard penetration test.

OWASP Top 10

As defined by OWASP as the top mobile app threats, we test for Improper Platform Usage, Insecure Data Storage, Insecure Communication, Insecure Authentication, Insufficient Cryptography, Insecure Authorization, Client Code Quality, Code Tampering, Reverse Engineering, and Extraneous Functionality.

API Security

InvokeSec experts also examine the application’s API and dynamically test the application to discover issues within the business logic.

What You Can Expect

Real-world Testing Provides Valuable Insight into Control Effectiveness

Real-world Testing Provides Insight into Control Effectiveness

Evaluating your mobile application environment is the first step towards ensuring its security. Our team of skilled consultants meticulously examines every aspect of your application, carrying out runtime patches, network interception, filesystem storage, device keystore, reverse engineering, and API testing.

Enhance Compliance and Governance

Enhance Compliance and Governance

We work alongside your team to bolster your security, governance, and compliance initiatives. Many regulations and internal policies necessitate manual testing of your crucial apps. Our extensive knowledge of mobile platforms has you covered.

From the Eyes of an Adversary

Uncover Vulnerabilities through Advanced Analysis

Combining binary and file-level analysis, we detect hard-to-find vulnerabilities, particularly testing for the OWASP Top 10 Mobile Risks, such as Improper Platform Usage, Insecure Data Storage, Insecure Communication, Insecure Authentication, and more.

State of the Art Mobile Assessment Tools and Technologies

State of the Art Mobile Assessment Tools and Technologies

Our team employs sophisticated technology to develop and utilize virtual devices during our assessments. This approach is highly efficient, focusing on testing time rather than configuring and managing physical mobile devices.

Reveal Attack Paths and High-Risk Functionality

Reveal Attack Paths and High-Risk Functionality

We go beyond examining communications and mobile app artifacts. We also reverse engineer an application’s binary to locate and exploit high-severity security issues. Furthermore, we assess the application’s API and dynamically instrument the binary to pinpoint problems in the app’s business logic.

Powered by CourseOps

Powered by CourseOps

Testing reports are powered by CourseOps, our customer engagement and education platform. Don’t just keep up on critical risk findings. Get ahead of them by educating your team by industry experts on the latest threats and attacks vectors.

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