Network Security

Identify the Biggest Impact, Before Impact

We help you stay ahead of malicious actors by identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities, assisting in remediation and guidance, and educating security teams on the real-world risk and impact of the identified vulnerabilities. Our experts simulate authentic attack scenarios, providing in-depth insights into how adept adversaries could gain network access and exploit vulnerable internal pathways, jeopardizing sensitive systems and data.

Hindsight is 20/20

Internal Penetration Test

We have a team of highly experienced consultants who specialize in putting your internal security controls to the test. We simulate the actions of attackers who have gained a foothold in your network, revealing vulnerable systems, pathways to privilege escalation, and data at risk.

Wireless Penetration Test

Wireless access points are a pathway for hackers to covertly penetrate and exploit corporate networks, accessing potentially sensitive information. Conducting a wireless assessment serves as an essential component within a broader penetration test.

External Penetration Test

We provide comprehensive insights into your attack surface and identify potentially dangerous vulnerabilities that could leave your network open to attacks. Our approach goes beyond the standard “check the box” methodology to ensure that your security is robust enough to keep attackers out.

Ransomware Simulation Assessment

Ransomware poses a significant threat to organizations, as it can lead to severe financial losses, operational disruptions, and reputational damage. It is essential to proactively strengthen defenses and invest in cybersecurity preparedness.

What You Can Expect

Unmatched Penetration Testing Expertise

Unmatched Penetration Testing Expertise

Our decades of experience and commitment to quality set our penetration testing services apart from the rest.

Comprehend Your Security Exposures and Their Consequences

Understand Security Exposures and Their Consequences

We not only uncover new and emerging vulnerabilities and lapses in security controls but also help you grasp the potential impact on your business operations.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Security Measures

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Security Measures

Our testers scrutinize your prevention and detection capabilities using the same tactics and techniques as skilled adversaries. This offers a realistic perspective on how your defenses withstand the latest attacks.

Assess Data and Control

Assess Data and Control Accessibility

We conduct thorough testing across your perimeter and internal networks, revealing exposed systems, pathways, and services that could disrupt your business operations.

Assess Control Effectiveness

Assess Control Effectiveness Across Various Scenarios

By understanding your goals, our testers can recreate any scenario, evaluating how your security controls perform against contemporary attack scenarios, including intricate attack chains.

Strengthen Security Defenses

Strengthen Security Defenses

We don’t just perform an attack and walk away; our testers ensure your security team fully comprehends the test’s scope and provides tactical and strategic recommendations to enhance your overall security posture.

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