Red Team

Unrestricted Testing for Unrestricted Attackers

Tackle the attack scenarios that concern you the most, hone your security team’s abilities, and unleash the strategic potential of Red Teaming— all with complete adaptability tailored to your security objectives. By subjecting your defenses to the ultimate challenge, our Red Team Operations discreetly carries out meticulously designed attacks to evaluate the effectiveness of your security team and their capacity to neutralize adversaries before critical systems and data are jeopardized.

How Well Do Your Defensive Controls Work?

Red Team Operation

Experience custom attack scenarios, understand the effectiveness of your defensive controls, determine detection and response capabilities, and enhance your security team’s capabilities. It’s what we do and we’re good at it. Really good.

Assumed Breach Operation

Assume you’ve been hacked. We identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, paths of privilege escalation, holes in defense in depth, as well as assess your detection and response capabilities once the attacker is inside the network.

Purple Team Assessment

Tailored to the unique characteristics of each organization, while considering detection capability and prioritization. Current capabilities are then collaboratively tested using various attack methods and technical strategies to evaluate for effectiveness.

What You Can Expect

Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with vast experience in cybersecurity, ensuring the highest quality of service and reporting for your organization.

From the Eyes of an Adversary_1

From the Eyes of an Adversary

Assess how a focused attacker would identify common vulnerabilities and often overlooked security issues concealed within essential functionality.

Powered by CourseOps

Powered by CourseOps

Testing reports are powered by CourseOps, our customer engagement and education platform. Don’t just keep up on critical risk findings. Get ahead of them by educating your team by industry experts on the latest threats and attacks vectors.

Customize Testing for Your Most Feared Scenarios

Identify Critical Blind Spots Before Attackers

Proactively discover vulnerable entry points, insufficient security controls, and privilege escalation pathways that could jeopardize your most valuable assets.

Evaluate Your Defenses Against the Most Pertinent Threats

Evaluate Your Defenses Against the Most Pertinent Threats

Assess your protection against the worst-case scenarios and most feared attack techniques with ultimate flexibility in the design of your engagement.

Assess Your Detection and Response Abilities

Assess Your Detection and Response Abilities

A determined attacker will eventually succeed. Gauge your security team’s capability to recognize and counteract attacks meticulously designed to evade their detection.

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