Assumed Breach Operation

Not If, But When

Assume you’ve been hacked. We identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities, paths of privilege escalation, holes in defense in depth, as well as assess your detection and response capabilities once the attacker is inside the network.

Focus on Areas of Highest Risk

InvokeSec’s Assumed Breach Assessment methodology customizes the approach based on the areas of highest risk for your organization. We operate under the assumption that given enough time an attacker could gain access to the target environment. Test your defenses against that assumption.

Defense in Depth

The point of initial access is the first point of detection, but the rabbit hole rarely stops there. Our team of experts continues testing to see how far the rabbit hole goes. The scope typically includes testing for privilege escalation, data exfiltration, pivoting to cloud environments and infrastructure, and targeting potentially sensitive data.

How Well Do Your Defensive Controls Work?

Improved Incident Response and Detection Capabilities

Evaluate and enhance incident response processes and your ability to detect threats in a timely manner. We simulate real-world attack scenarios so you can identify gaps in response strategies and train your security teams accordingly to better.

Strengthening Internal Security Controls

Through an assumed breach assessment, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their internal security posture and the effectiveness of their security controls. By simulating an attacker’s actions within the network, organizations can identify areas where their defenses can be fortified and implement necessary changes to minimize the risk of an actual breach.

Uncovering Hidden Vulnerabilities

Through our real-world focused methodology, you can identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may be overlooked during traditional security testing. Operating under the assumption that a breach has already occurred, we help organizations uncover blind spots in their security controls and identify areas that require improvement to prevent potential attacks.

Enhanced Security Awareness and Preparedness

Build a security-conscious culture by raising awareness of potential threats and demonstrating the importance of robust internal security measures. InvokeSec simulates real-world attacks to emphasize the need for continuous improvement in security practices and preparedness for dealing with cyber threats.

What You Can Expect

Assess Control Effectiveness

More than the Usual Industry Approach

The InvokeSec methodology goes far beyond the industry standard penetration test. The level of stealth exercised by the testing team is also customized to test the effectiveness of your defensive monitoring and controls.

Your Prod is Our Dev

Engage Management

 Once leaders witness how easy it is to simulate an attack from within, they will quickly recognize the value of their security team and resources. InvokeSec helps customers get the most of each assessment by being a valued partner.

Unparalleled Expertise

Collaborate with Our Team of Industry Experts

Our team’s experience spans various areas, from mobile developers to security consultants and vulnerability researchers, giving us a well-rounded view of your cloud environment, applications, networks, and architecture.

Identify Critical Blind Spots Before Attackers

Identify Critical Blind Spots Before Attackers

Proactively discover vulnerable entry points, insufficient security controls, and privilege escalation pathways that could jeopardize your most valuable assets.

Unmatched Penetration Testing Expertise

Operationalize Results through Quality Reports

Our top-notch reporting goes beyond static risk ratings and generic scoreboards. Customized to your application, organization, and desired outcomes, our reports provide actionable security guidance.

Powered by CourseOps

Powered by CourseOps

Testing reports are powered by CourseOps, our customer engagement and education platform. Don’t just keep up on critical risk findings. Get ahead of them by educating your team by industry experts on the latest threats and attacks vectors.

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