Purple Team Assessment

Red + Blue = Win

A Purple Team Assessment is tailored to the unique characteristics of each organization, while considering detection capability and prioritization. Current capabilities are then collaboratively tested using various attack methods and technical strategies to evaluate the extent and comprehensiveness of the detections and pinpoint any gaps in coverage.

Unite to Fortify

The InvokeSec team works collaboratively with your security team to shorten the feedback loop and maximize assessment efficiency. This improved collaboration leads to improved communication, shorter remediation times, and better management buy-in.

Security Through Synergy

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

By working together, Red and Blue Teams can bridge any communication gaps and develop a better understanding of each other’s roles and responsibilities. This improved collaboration leads to more efficient and effective security practices.

Real-time Feedback and Adaptation

During a Purple Team assessment, the Red and Blue Teams work together to identify vulnerabilities, simulate attacks, and test defenses in real-time. This dynamic approach enables organizations to receive immediate feedback and adapt their security measures accordingly, leading to more effective and resilient security systems.

Comprehensive Security Evaluation

Purple Team assessments offer a thorough evaluation of an organization’s security posture by combining the offensive tactics of the Red Team with the defensive strategies of the Blue Team. This comprehensive approach allows organizations to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses more effectively.

Continuous Improvement

Purple Team assessments provide organizations with valuable insights into their security controls, processes, and technologies. By continuously testing and refining their defenses, organizations can stay ahead of evolving threats and ensure they are prepared to respond to real-world attacks.

What You Can Expect

Proactive Defense

Proactive Defense

By simulating real-world attacker techniques, InvokeSec helps your organization identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your current security posture, enabling you to take proactive steps to strengthen your defenses before an actual attack occurs.

Cutting-Edge Techniques

Enhanced Incident Response

Our Purple Team Assessment helps your security teams develop and refine their incident response plans, ensuring they are well-equipped to contain and remediate ransomware attacks quickly and effectively.

Unparalleled Expertise

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with vast experience in cybersecurity, ensuring the highest quality of service and reporting for your organization.

From the Eyes of an Adversary_1

From the Eyes of an Adversary

Assess how a focused attacker would identify common vulnerabilities and often overlooked security issues concealed within essential functionality.

Powered by CourseOps

Powered by CourseOps

Testing reports are powered by CourseOps, our customer engagement and education platform. Don’t just keep up on critical risk findings. Get ahead of them by educating your team by industry experts on the latest threats and attacks vectors.

Assess Your Detection and Response Abilities

Cutting-Edge Techniques

We stay ahead of the curve by continuously updating our tools, tactics, and methodologies to match the latest emerging threats and industry best practices.

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